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Because of the Covid 19 closures and restrictions in LA, we have had to move the date and location of our Summer show. A new schedule and forms are available below. Thank you for your patience.


**Covid 19 precautions will be in effect. Social Distancing-6′ & Masks









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Open Circuit Award

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Nov Horse NP Circuit Awards

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Nov Horse Open Circuit Awards

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Green Circuit Awards

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Show Information

*All Dogs on a leash at all times.

Medical Consent for Minors required for minors attending without parent/guardian


If you have questions about drug testing, click here.

For more information on horses coming into California. Click on the image



Show Secretary: Shawn Martin

Show Manager: Garrett Cooper

Sophie Larsson Priest-Set up Manager

Judge: Debbie Cooper and Gary Roberts

Bit Judge and Back Gate: Jim McCarty

Scribe:  Would you like to scribe?! 😀  Contact Rodney Peutet

Announcer (s):  Karen Sund and Chelsea Dygert

Photographer:  Mark Blakley

Stall Manager:  Karen Sund


Classes Offered

BEFORE YOU SHOW – Please be sure your Memberships are all up-to-date if you plan on earning points or qualifying for any of the following Associations. It is your responsibility to follow through and make sure you are a member.

NRHA Membership Form and NP declaration


Vendor Reservation Form

2020 pdf Vendor Reservation Form 2