June 8-10 2018 Reiner Shine

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June 8-10 2018


 NRHA Affiliate Qualifier #3 & #4

  • NEW Ranch Riding Friday and Saturday – Circuit Awards in CRHA classes
  • NEW Club Zero Class (Reiners) – This is a new innovative class for riders who want to school their horses without the hassle of memberships and/or licenses. Club Zero will follow NRHA rules. Riders must follow the pattern offered concurrently with the block of classes. * NO EXCESSIVE SCHOOLING. Horse and rider must be eligible within the block of classes that Club Zero is offered. * No ribbons, year end awards, prizes or payouts will be offered.


Unofficial Results

Slate 1 – Ladies & Gents   Novice Horse NP  OPen Ranch Riding Slate 1  NOvice OPEN Green Reiner  youth rookie Non PRO

Slate 2 – OPEN revised  Youth Novice NP  Non PRo  Novice OPEN  Green ReinerRookie

Circuit – OPEN  Ranch Riding Circuit  Novice NP Youth  Non PRO   Novice OPEN   Rookie Green Reiner



Move in date: June 6th, 2018

Entries Due:  ($25 Late Fee)

Entry Form


Stall & RV

Vendor Reservation Form

Awards List

ALL California State horses must present a Veterinary Health Certificate of inspection performed within 30 days and includes a VS (Vesicular Stomatitis) Statement.

OUT OF STATE HORSES Click on the image for information on horses entering California

Medical Consent for Minors – required for minors attending without parent/guardian.

Before You Show

CRHA List of Classes 2018

NRHA Affiliate Designation Form – IF YOU PLAN ON QUALIFYING for the

NRHA AFFILIATE Finals this form MUST be sent to the NRHA office in Oklahoma City by AUGUST 1st .  


click on the image to reserve your room now.

click on the image to reserve your room now.


OTHER Hotels in the Area


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To reserve your golf carts 818 349 4102


To order Feed & Shavings Phone 818 559 9699 Fax 818 559 9679

To order Feed & Shavings
Phone 818 559 9699
Fax 818 559 9679



Directions to LAEC

Map of LAEC

480 W. Riverside Dr. Burbank, CA

480 W. Riverside Dr.
Burbank, CA



BEFORE YOU SHOW –  Please be sure your Memberships are all up-to-date if you plan on earning points or qualifying for any of the following Associations.  It is your responsibility to follow through and make sure you are a member. 

NRHA is charging a $30 FEE for collecting memberships AT THE SHOW.





Show Manager: Sophie Priest

Show Secretary: Shawn Martin

Judges: Leo Fourre, Larry Kasten

Show Rep: Brenda Brown

Announcer: Regi Tuscano

Backgate: Jim O’Brien, Jim McCarty

Stall & RV Manager :  Karen Sund (310)560-1004

Scribes: If you would like to volunteer scribe, please contact Marilyn Scheffers

Ground & Footing Specialist:  Doug Porcello

Video – None

Photographer – Mark Blakley