Year End Programs

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Year End High Points AWARDS 2020

To Qualify for Year End Awards, the horse/rider must have shown in 50% or 1/2 of the shows. This year that would be 3 shows. There were 6 shows for Green as Grass, Rookie classes and Youth classes-There were 5 shows for Non Pro and Open.


2020 Show Results

2020 Year End Points

Please contact Danielle Skaar for any questions regarding points

2019 Year End Points FINAL

If your name is highlighted you are eligible to enter the REINER OF THE YEAR class at the Challenge.

2020 Year End Program Conditions


Awards will be given to the top 5 high point earners in All CRHA classes (excludes Ladies & Gents)


Reiner of the Year 2020

Eligibility List Reiner of the Year

2020 Reiner-of-the-Year-Conditions

 If you are eligible for “Reiner of the Year” (see program conditions),  at the Challenge in October 2018 you must enter the class (choose only one) that you are eligible.  Each block of classes will have a “Reiner of the Year” class to enter that will run concurrent with the class you are eligible for.  For example:  If you are eligible for Non Pro, you will enter the CRHA Non Pro class AND the Reiner of the Year Class within the same block that is running concurrent.  If you have any questions please email

Casey Bibbs and


2018 Champion Charmain Sauro and Zins Rowdy Whiz

2017 Champion       Micki Quinn &             Jacs Electric Velvet













2016 CHAMPION     Robyn Schiller and    Plenty of Guns












2015 Reiner of the Year Champion Wimp Daddy & Katie Cachet

2015 Champion                     Wimp Daddy &            Katie Cachet






Reiner of the Year 2014

2014 Champion           Adina Valenzuela &          Zen Master


Reiner of the Year Cassandra Stambuk

2012 Champion        Cassandra Stambuk & Smugglin Diamonds


Horsetrader Cover

2013 Champion          Lindsey Spencer &         Otoe Chant Pine

Horsetrader Cover